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We feel that the theory of your matriarchate finds out a good basis previously history of this new Russian family unit members

Today’s position of second generally seems to show that second stage in its progression try the household area, including persons united by the descent from a common forefather and followed closely by you to worship of forefathers which often resulted of it. The entire subjection of your partner towards the spouse, and of the youngsters towards the father; neighborhood of goods plus the popular thrills of the develop by new nearest and dearest living under the same rooftop; the fresh new accepted excellence of advancing years as well as lead ancestry kazakh kvinnliga personer from the typical predecessor; the lack of testamentary dispositions out of property, plus of the mode of judge sequence and that supposes partition, as well as the exception to this rule of more remote by closer kin; new removal of female regarding contribution on the nearest and dearest property once the matrimony makes them aliens; most of these top features of brand new patriarchal family members very ably illustrated inside the the latest work regarding Sir Henry Maine, reappear in today’s constitution of the Russian household members.

After all, needless to say, regarding the country anybody, the middle and higher groups having already then followed European manners and heritage, being on that account confronted with a law which, with the more than one area, is in direct resistance so you’re able to regular law

Let us research one at a time the new attribute attributes of that it nearest and dearest composition of your own peasant, a composition similar to regarding the first Celts and you can Germans than just regarding the modern regions away from European countries.

The nice strengths however attached because of the Russian peasant to help you agnatism, that is in order to relationships on the father’s top, was found of the region and therefore ancestor worship performs even now at the occasion from a nation wedding

Prior to signing up for their partner’s relatives, new bride-to-be need certainly to sever the ties with hitherto bound their own with the home-comfort less than whoever cover she has introduced their particular youth, and ought to solemnly embrace the newest worship ones of one’s relatives to your which she actually is planning to enter. It public sign of a big change from praise is really demonstrably observed in the marriage ceremonies of Southern area Slavs. This is not very decidedly maintained in those of the Eastern Slavs. Both these racing becoming similar as to their source and you may characteristics, I am able to start by earliest claiming the newest religious culture, heritage from an undoubtedly pagan supply — however active from the Bulgarian betrothals. “In the Lika,” says M. Bogisic, “the latest fiance, before you leave their particular dad’s domestic, goes 3 x round the fireplace, prostrating herself. when, as if so you’re able to implore forgiveness.” Because you are conscious of the fresh new romantic connection which has lived involving the praise of your own fireplace and that of the family forefathers, I wanted perhaps not tell you that the fresh new operate performed from the Bulgarian bride to be before you leave her parent’s home doesn’t have most other definition than that of a last invocation of the house-spirits whoever worship she’s preparing to leaving.

The brand new comfort should getting hurt because of the decision she has had so you’re able to withdraw so you can her partner’s homestead, and feel appeased of the an act away from humiliation on the region. Whenever this woman is immediately following about bridegroom’s household this new maiden try obliged to execute a unique ceremony; she must seat by herself close to the fireplace, in order to keep right up for a short time the newest flame burning on that of the items of wood tossed to they having her own give. The fresh new symbolical reputation of the ceremony could possibly get be easily identified. The young wife is found on the purpose of getting a part of the home neighborhood out of their own spouse, and as such, an associate with its family unit members praise. Her acquiescence need to be expressed of the an icon, and her staying in touch the flames into the hearth is exactly such as an icon. The custom only described is available around Bulgaria features already been more than once alluded so you can of the progressive ethnographers, Meters. Bogisic, Mr. Krauss, while some.